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Not an infection, but the inflection point that turns your profits skyward.

We’re leveling the digital marketing playing field for small businesses. We specialize in elevating local companies that provide cooking oil collection, grease trap cleaning, and diesel mechanic services.

Think your business is too small to be found in Google’s Search results? Think you can’t afford professional online marketing? We’ve got plans for every company and every budget. We’re experienced at working with companies that serve the commercial cooking industry such as used cooking oil collectors, grease trap cleaners, and diesel mechanics. Pick and choose the services that work for you. We build comprehensive marketing plans that keep our clients growing.

Competitive Market Analysis

30 year veterans of Fortune 100 marketing will analyze your company’s positioning with regard to specific competitors in your market space, make recommendations on how to differentiate your product or service as well as the themes to emphasize on your website and in Google advertising. We will define your target market and explain how best to reach that market. Further, we’ll recommend the social media platforms that will best serve your business and the content you need to reach customers.

Website Design and Development

If you are in need of a website we can build one. If you have a website, we will analyze the site’s performance, make recommendations for improvement, and link it to the social media platforms we recommend you employ.

Content Writing

Anybody can build you a website. But what separates Inflectis is that with their vast marketing experience they can write the content you need for your website, your blog, your google ads and your social media. That’s a key differentiator that levels the playing field vs the bigger players.

As specialists in marketing for diesel mechanics, used cooking oil collectors, and grease trap cleaners, we don’t just understand digital marketing, we understand you and your customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Having organic searches find your website and rank it highly are key to your visibility. Search Engine optimization is what gets you there and we do it well, because our marketing analysis helps us know exactly what your clients are searching for—and what they’re not.

Google Ads

Organic searches finding your website are great. But google advertising is critical to prospects finding you, your product and service and to converting searches into sales or phone calls. Google advertising is a science in itself and constantly changing.

Social Media Listening and Management

Social media is not just you reaching your to prospects. Social media listening is critical to hearing what is being said about you, your industry and your business. This is must-hear feedback that can help you solve customer problems, adjust your positioning and stay on your industry’s cutting edge.

Video Messaging

Video messaging is becoming more and more important to social media messaging and building your brand. We can help you create videos, write the script and build your brand across social media platforms that link to your website.

“Inflectis is worth every penny and more. Emma and Jim were able to take our website which was producing zero business, and transform it into a sales machine that allowed us to more than double our client list—during a global pandemic. I don’t know if we would have survived this crisis without them”

Jeff, Used Cooking Oil Collector & Refiner

Who we are

Inflectis Digital Marketing consultants are real people with real experience, ready to work with your small business. This is not an automated service and it’s not one-size-fits-all. We tailor our approaches to each and every client. That’s also why we focus on the industries we know best: used cooking oil recycling, grease trap cleaning, and diesel mechanics. There are thousands of digital marketers out there, but we’re the ones that’ll understand you and your customers.


With an MBA and decades of experience in marketing for clients ranging from one-person operations to Fortune 500 companies, Jim is an expert in analyzing the competitive landscape, identifying potential client populations, and developing the messaging strategies that will reach them.


With a master’s degree in journalism, Emma is a media and communications specialist. An expert in search engine optimization, she has developed web content for a variety of websites. She’s social media certified and has published hundreds of articles for targeted audiences.


Inflectis is a digital marketing firm specializing in helping companies who serve local restaurants reach their clients.

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