Digital Marketing

Digital marketing through cost-per-click advertising and social media is what brings prospective clients to your website. Inflectis knowns how to write copy that will answer questions, identify the keywords that your clients use and result in clicks. We understand all types of ads, how to use them, and how to bid to get decision-makers in commercial kitchens to visit your website.

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We make Google Ads work for you by:

  • writing compelling ad copy proven to drive customers to you and your site
  • employing the latest ad techniques to get your message in front of your audience
  • monitoring performance and cost of ads and continually optimizing,
  • adapting your campaign as Google changes its models and algorithms

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We strengthen your brand on social media by:

  • using posts to demonstrate your industry expertise
  • building a history of activity that builds confidence among prospective clients
  • listening to what clients and prospects are saying about you and your competitors
  • utilizing ads to build brand awareness

Ready to grow your sales?

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